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Evening Menu


Traditional Finger Buffet
Please choose six items from the following list

Sushi to include
Seafood sushi, wasabi mayo (E,F,M,S)
vegetable sushi, dipping soy (G,S,V)

Bite size Burgers to include
Cheese burger, fried onions & American mustard
Kofta lamb Burger, lemon hummus (D,E,G)

Selection of Wraps to include
Tuna Spring Onion Mayo (E,F)
Humus, Red pepper & crumbled feta (D,G,V)
Guacamole and Halloumi (D,V)
BBQ Pulled Pork Roll, Shredded Cabbage, American Mustard (G,M,S)

Selection of bridge rolls
Tarragon poached chicken & bacon crumb, (E,G,S)
Marmalade Glazed Gammon and Pear (S,G,S)
Egg Mayo Mustard Cress (E,V,G,S)
Salmon & lemon mayonnaise (F,G,E,S)

Warm Whittlebury Favorites
Cocktail Spring Rolls(v), Vegetable Samosas(v),
Sausage Rolls – Hot Sausages with Mustard Dip
Chicken Tikka pieces, Onion Bhajis (v) with a yoghurt dip
Chicken & Chorizo mini skewers
Smoked cheese & red onion arancini (v)
Hoisin & toasted sesame chicken, spring onion & pickled veg hirata bun (D,G,S,Se,Su)
Cajun Spiced Potato Wedges with Jalapenos and Coriander (v,m)

£15.50 per person
Additional items may be added £2.95 per person
(80% of total guests attending must be catered for (incl. children who will be charged for at £7.75 per child)
Where the evening guests far outweigh the confirmed day guests then catering
will be based on all evening guests plus half day guests.
(V) Suitable for Vegetarians, (G) Contains Gluten, (D) Contains dairy/milk, (N) Contains nuts, (P) Contains peanuts, (E) Contains egg, (F) Contains fish, (Cr) Contains crustaceans, (M) Contains molluscs, (S) Contains soya, (C) Contains celery, (Mu) Contains mustard, (Se) Contains sesame seeds, (SD) Contains sulphur dioxide, (L) Contains lupin
Due to our food preparation process we cannot guarantee our dishes will be prepared in an allergen or allergen derivative protect free environment.
Fish may contain small bones.


Pig Roast
Hand Carved by Chef
Designed to eat in a Bap and served with
sage & onion stuffing, apple sauce, coleslaw and a mixed green salad, Vegetarian & Halloumi Kebabs are also available for your vegetarian guests.
£15.50 per person with a minimum for catering of 100 guests
(Please note everyone must be catered for (incl. children at £7)
and the above price quoted is applicable to evening receptions only)

On the Skewer
(BBQ’d outside weather permitting)
Vegetarian skewers will be provided for everyone
Please choose two from the following selection
Halloumi v
Chicken & Chorizo – Chicken Kebabs with Onions & Peppers
Lamb, Maple & Mint
Beef & Habanero Chilli
Vegetable Brochettes v
accompanied with a diced salad of cucumber and tomatoes
Spicy Potato Wedges with Sour Cream dip per Table.
£14.50 per person

Bacon Bagels
with a selection of relishes & Fries

Tomato, onion, mushroom & spinach frittata (E)

£9.25 per person


Battered Fish accompanied with chips & lemon

£10 per person
(Please note the full number of evening guests must be catered for)


Optional Extra: A selection of mini desserts – pavlovas, chocolate éclairs, fresh fruit tartlets, lemon meringues, banoffee triffle chocolate cups. can be added to any of the above evening menus for £4.50 per person

And to finish the day …… Hot Chocolate & Mini Donuts £4.00 per person