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Please choose Three from the following list to accompany a selection of marinated olives:

smoked salmon blinis with lemon zest & caviar
peppered Pastrami with tomato chutney & capers
Cucumber & goats cheese, cannelloni with beetroot crisp (v) Prawn & crayfish bound virgin mary sauce
Salt cod & horseradish fish cake topped lemon gel (*)
Seared scallop wrapped in pancetta with pea puree (*)
Pesto marinated bocconcini & cherry tomato brochette (v) Proscuitto ham with black olive tapenade, roquette & parmesan Crab with chilli & coriander en croute
Smoked cheese & red onion arancini (*v)
Moroccan chicken with apricot on mini naan bread
Confit of duck & hoisin wonton (*)
Vegetable & wasabi sushi (v)
Bite size Yorkshire puddings topped with
Rare roast beef (*) Halloumi & mushroom duxelle (*v)
Honey roasted vegetable tartlet (v)
Parmesan cheese sables (v)
Vegetable & wasabi Sushi (v)
Scotch quail egg *
Mini asparagus quiche (v)
* served warm

£8.95 per guest