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The following is the real life Whittlebury wedding story of Emily Piosek.

Your first Date:

We first met on my 18th birthday on a night out when we had many mutual friends but had never actually met. It certainly wasn’t love at first sight! I was brought a drink only to give it away. I was quite insulted as I didn’t know Adam, I thought ‘who do you think you are?’

On our first date, we went shopping and for dinner. Well I didn’t have dinner because I didn’t want to eat in front of Adam. However, I watched him eat. I was only there for an excuse to go shopping, but I didn’t stop laughing the entire time.

The Proposal:
We went to London for my 21st birthday for a break. I didn’t know where we were going for dinner, but I knew it would be somewhere lovely. In the day when we arrived, we decided to go shopping in Oxford Street to spend some of the money I received as birthday presents. It was so busy, as my birthday is the day after Boxing Day, so everybody was out trying to get a bargain! By the time we got back to the hotel, I was exhausted. I just wanted to get into bed and have room service, but I was encouraged to get into the shower and get ready.
After an argument about whether or not, I finally got myself up and ready. When I was finished, the door was jammed to get back into the room. I called Adam, and he came and got me and covered my eyes as I walked across the room not knowing what to expect.
I stopped and was allowed to open my eyes. ‘Marry me’ in candles was written on the window ledge over looking Lords Cricket Ground. When I turned around, Adam was down on one knee with a ring I’d previously told him I loved.

The Dress:

The dress was from the bridal house in Aston Clinton, Bucks.

It was from the Maggie Sottero range, and it was stunning! I fell in love the minute I saw it. The girls at the shop were also amazing and made me feel like a real bride. Everything became real when I had my dress. I just wanted to wear it all the time.

The Budget:

The majority of our budget was spent on the venue and making sure the day was one to remember, not just for us but all of our guests. Whittlebury was stunning and the co-ordinators Janine and Carol were fab. They had everything covered, and I was taken back on the day as to how perfect everything was.

We used only suppliers that were at the Whittlebury Fayres as it was so easy. And they were all brilliant!
My favourite were creative cakes, the ladies were so helpful and did everything to make sure the cake was exactly what we wanted. Also Matt the DJ, so easy to work with and such a lovely person to be around you on your wedding day, full of fun and excitement! And lastly not forgetting Lincon, the pianist! What a great asset to have to your day! Those three made my day between them. I wouldn’t have been able to do it without them.

The Planning:

I did everything so far in advance, despite some people warning me not too, it just helped me feel in control. I knew my theme from the beginning, and I knew in my head what I wanted everything to look like, so every meeting I knew I could tick that thing off my list and not come away having still got to think about it.
That made me feel like it was all handled and sorted.

The important things you were looking for in choosing your wedding venue:

For me the wedding venue was easy. I had looked at a couple more, but I always knew I wanted Whittlebury. It has always been a special place for Adam and me. We’d regularly visited the hotel and spa and made lots of memories there over the years, so that felt more important to us than choosing somewhere that we had never been and would probably never go back too.
We knew it was going to be more expensive than some other places, but we were willing to save that extra bit harder to get it.
All three wedding venues were stunning; it was hard to choose which one. But since the day we have had many compliments and been told many times that it was one of the best weddings our guests have ever been too! That made us feel we’d done a good job in choosing the venue.

Wedding specialists we decided to complete the look, and our ideas were:

Florist – Cake – Disco/band etc.

DJ – Matt the resident DJ

Florist – the secret garden
Cake – creative cakes
Chair covers – quality chair covers

We also had Raj do our popcorn machine and chocolate fountain

The Best Part of the Day:

We had a couple. I had a baby four weeks before getting married, and I worked hard to fit into my dress that was brought a year before hand. It was tiny, but somehow I did it and was so happy that I could feel like a princess in the dress I’d fallen in love with so long ago, unzipping that in the morning was magical!
Getting ready with my mum, auntie, and bridesmaids was also an unforgettable experience. I wouldn’t trade those memories for the world.
With everyone, we loved in one place, and to see how much they all enjoyed themselves as something we’d organised was so lovely to see. If I could go back and do it all again, I would do it in a heartbeat.
If we could give one tip to other couples, it would be, do it your way, don’t worry about other people’s opinions and upsetting them, who to invite, who not to invite, whether something is traditional or not, what to wear, what not to wear. What the bridesmaids can and can’t do. You can’t please everyone, and it’s your day. So do it your way!

A huge thank you to the Whittlebury team, Janine, Carol, Matt, Creative Cakes and Lincoln!
A wedding is one day of your life and can be very costly and stressful. But there is not one thing I would redo differently and not one other venue or supplier I would’ve changed if I could go back and do so. You helped make it the best day of my life, and I’ll always remember just how special it was.
It makes me sad that it’s all done and dusted now!