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Linda & Brian’s Whittlebury Park Real Life Wedding

28th  May 2016

Read the first in our series of Whittlebury Park Real Life Weddings.


Your First Date:

It was on the 14th November 2010, it was a blind date at a friend’s house, who later was to become a witness at the wedding. We stopped overnight, in different rooms, I hasten to  add, and I    volunteered to take her home next day, we had a drink on the way back, had an awkward moment    in the car park, then drove on and dropped her at the corner of her road, as she didn’t want her children to know above us, well me!! I had hit first base and from there on in it was a home   run.

The Proposal:

In 2015 I had booked a holiday in Italy for the two of us, fly into Rome for 3 days then train down to Sorrento for another 10 days, booked into the Bristol Hotel which overlooked the Bay of Naples with Mount Vesuvius in the distance. I arrange a table by the window with the superb view, informed the Restaurant staff of what was going to happen and gave them my camera. So, the scene is set, we are all seated, the restaurant full & a full bottle of wine on the table. Here we go with the traditional” I  have something to ask you, hand in the pocket for the box, chair pushed back down on one knee, followed by Linda saying “Get up you silly arse”, The Question was asked “will you marry me”, not quite sure what happened next, between a large round of applause from the other guests and   Linda’s head in hands answer of I think she said “Yes”.

The only problem I had was getting Linda’s ring size, and this was how it was done. Back in April of 2015 I arranged with Harrisons the Jewellery in Buckingham that we would be in on a Saturday to choose a present for a colleague at work, namely Sue, of a small necklace, as she was leaving to retire. Whilst in the Jewellers they would ask Linda to try the size rings on the pretense of finding out average sizes for shop display, the girls played a blinder and Linda never suspected a thing, Job done. I had already designed the ring so just needed the size.

The Dress:

I was adamant I did not want a proper wedding dress but after seeing the venue and the dress I fell in love with, that soon changed as I got caught up in the whole  event.

The dress was a stunning St Patrick design – Long dress with mermaid skirt with beige underlay decorated with lace, gemstones embroidery appliques, it had a sweetheart bodice with sheer overlay in illusion tulle decorated with  appliques.

Our Budget Was Spent On:

See attached Budget Schedule, emphasis was a venue that catered for the complete package, importantly was that the ceremony,  wedding breakfast and evening reception were all in one place  so that no-one was having to obtain transport to different venues, Whittlebury Park met all this with ease, including great value overnight accommodation in the Paddock. We also looked at value for money and consider Whittlebury Park came top of our list, and I do mean “our list”, both myself and Linda were in full agreement with our choice.

Planning is the key to a Stress-Free Wedding:

Being that my profession is in planning and budgets, albeit in rather a different industry, I took it   upon myself to create a “Wedding Spread-Sheet”, so that everything had a budget with a time element built in. With our wedding planner Janine Hunt and the professional backing of Whittlebury Park- nothing could possible go wrong -AND NOTHING DID!

Wedding Specialists:

As we had taken advantage of a package, we were obliged to use the selected specialist in the package, but we would not have chosen any different, Hockley Cakes, Secret Garden, Potters Group Events – DJ, and Mark Fraser Photography, and the unmistakable Lincoln on the Piano and general entertainment during the ceremony. All of them were exceptional in what was required and given to make our special day superb.

The Best Part of the Day:

Both Linda and I found it difficult to choose a “best part of the day”, but we did enjoy the wedding ceremony itself, we think everyone found it to be touching and entertaining at the same time.

One of the things that will stick in my mind are the two presents that Linda had bought for me to be opened in the morning. The first present was as pair of socks, written on them was “The Groom” and a card saying, “to Brian, just in case you get cold feet”, and the other present was a Watch and a card saying “don’t be late”.

Tip of the Day:

Try and make sure that your talk to as many, if not all, your guests and just enjoy.


It goes without saying that Linda and I really enjoyed our big day, which went without a hitch, not only that we picked the best weather as well, or was that in the package!!! Well done to all concerned at Whittlebury, especially Janine.

Thank you to Linda & Brian for sharing their real wedding story.

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